Past the Sovereign Gallack Seas (After Hoban)

Past the Sovereign Galaxies

Past the Sovereign Galaxies (After Hoban) | 2014 | Copper and reclaimed Oregon Pine

In Russel Hoban’s book, Riddley Walker, an apocalyptic event has reduced England to a pre-historic Iron Age. The entire book is written in a language that resembles English, as if it was reconstructed from fragments. The line above is an example, where Riddley speaks of the hope of changes and technology, comparing it to the wonders of their forebears who would sail, ” Pas the sarvering gallack seas and the flaming nebyul eye.” This phrase which can be translated as, ” Past the sovereign galaxies and flaming nebulas,” seems ironically to be based on lines from vintage science-fiction. Riddley’s hope then is based on the same speculations and dreams of the previous civilisation.

The font in this work is Mon Amour Fraktur by Manfred Klein, a broken Gothic font, as if the typeface was constructed from a remembered text.


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